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The run up to the start of UHF transmissions saw Antiference, Aerialite, and Belling-Lee frantically attempting to secure a place in what they hoped would be a bonanza market. The excitingly named 'Interim' was an early Antiference experimental array. At the time the London test transmissions were on channel 34. The 'Interim' was originally designed for channels 34 to 44, but later, when it was thought that the transmission would eventually migrate to channel 23, a version of the 'Interim' suitable for channels 23 to 34 was produced. The standard channel groups did not exist, of course. The 'Interim' was also sold as a narrowband, single channel array. The early adopters of the time paid through the nose, as they always do, since the cost of the array was 150/- (£7.50).

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