Wright's Aerials

Photographs of some of our work

This was installed in 2007, in the English north midlands. We tried Emley Moor, but Sutton Coldfield caused intolerable co-channel interference. We tried Sutton Coldfield but Emley Moor caused intolerable co-channel interference. It was good planning for the two adjacent transmitters to re-use the same channels for DTT and analogue, don’t you think? We tried Waltham and got nowt because there was a big hill in the way. We went away and did the sums and returned with this array of two log periodics. The inter-aerial spacing was calculated so that the array would reject signals from the relevant angle. This was optimised for the middle of Group B. The array provided reliable Sutton Coldfield reception, which was quite a good result really because when we first erected an aerial the results were pretty dismal.

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