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Rogues Gallery

The PVC connector block links a 75Ω coax cable (the original incoming aerial feed) to a short 50Ω cable with a crimped BNC connector, and thus to the BNC T piece. The brown coax fell out of the other BNC plug when disturbed. The purpose of the T piece was to allow the connection of a VCR RF output. The perpetrators (high-class audio-visual suppliers) had rigged this up as a means of feeding the VCR output to another VCR in another room, via the brown coax. These people charge thousands, and then install to incredibly low standards. Both VCRs fed overhead projectors. The object was for both projectors to show the same presentation simultaneously. Unfortunately the output of the first VCR was on channel 36 and a half, which didn't sit well with C5 on channel 37. The perpetrators blamed the aerial, and that's how we became involved.

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