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This contribution is from Mark Carver, who takes up the story.

This is a 60cm sat dish on a council pitch and putt club house.
The mount is screwed into some uPVC plastic fascia.
Previous to this picture being taken, a gust of wind had caught the dish, and a perfect section of uPVC had broken away.

The dish, and uPVC section dangled in the wind held only by the coax cable.
Unfortunately, by the time a return visit was made to photograph this spectacle, a repair has been made. You can make out the originally broken piece of uPVC, and presumably longer screws are now used, that reach back into some firmer material ? The cable looks old, so that's not been replaced, and note how it is still left to happily dangle in the wind.

Bill's comment:
A dish should never be fixed to a fascia like this. Even if the wood is sound the stresses caused by the wind are likely to cause creaking noises. The close-up shows the damaged pvc and the replacement screws, which look rather small.

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