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The picture shows part of the LNB from a Sky minidish. The LNB is the thing in front of the actual dish that picks up the satellite signals and converts them to much lower frequencies. The LNB has an 'f' socket, and the cable is connected to this using, of course, an 'f' plug. It's vitally important that rainwater doesn't enter at this point. If it does the cable's air spaced dielectric will become waterlogged, which affects reception severely. The LNB might be damaged, and sometimes even the receiver at the other end of the cable will suffer water damage. The 'f' connector can be protected with a rubber 'boot' or sleeve, but a much better way is by the skilful application of self-amalgamating tape. This tape bonds to itself, and if used correctly forms a tight waterproof seal. The picture shows that the installer hasn't bothered to apply any sort of waterproofing. Corrosion inside the connector was causing the intermittent appearance of the dreaded message: 'No satellite signal is being received'.

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