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The chimney bracket (shown in the inset) and the fixing kit are very old and have been re-used by the installer of the new array. The chimney is rendered, and the bracket has spent many years grinding into the render, with the result that the lashing wire is loose, allowing the bracket and its load to tilt alarmingly. The bracket must have been loose and at an angle when the new mast and array were fitted. The mind boggles! This sort of thing really is the signature of the totally incompetent aerial rigger. After all, it isn't much more trouble to fit a new bracket and lashing kit than to saw through the 'U' bolts in an old bracket.

For such a heavy array the mast is alarmingly thin. The cable is inside the mast - always a mistake with a long straight mast because it will rattle in the wind.

How much better it would have been to fit a nice new chimney bracket nearer to the top of the stack and to have used a decent quality mast. Ah well . . .

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