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It’s absolutely essential that the connectors on an LNB are waterproofed, and there’s only one way to do it. That’s by the skilled use of self-amalgamating tape, a stretchy product that bonds to itself and seals the connection perfectly. A problem arises here for many installers. Yes, it’s that scary word ‘skilled’. They’ve tried to use self-amalgamating tape and they’ve failed. They just can’t do it — or is it that they can’t be bothered? It takes a few attempts to learn the simple technique and a few minutes to do it each time, and that level of dedication is out of the question for a lot of them. So they use these little rubber slide-on covers, which are quick, easy, and totally useless for keeping the rain out. The result is a cable full of water and a scrap LNB. Can you see the green gunge? That was once the copper inner conductor.

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