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Can you see the tower on the horizon, at bottom right in the first shot? That’s Emley Moor, which is a high powered main station about seven miles away from the site. So how come the installers of this mess have felt it necessary to use a high gain UHF aerial on a 15ft mast? It’s completely and utterly unnecessary, and suggests that the intention was to impress the customer with a large aerial in order to justify a high charge.

A closer look shows that the mast and wall brackets are badly overloaded and the latter are too close together. The truth of this came a year after these pictures were taken, when this installation fell to the ground. The mast bent over and some of the fixings pulled out of the wall, which was made from soft blockwork under render.

Other evidence of the installers’ couldn’t-give-a-damn attitude is the fact that the LNB connections haven’t been properly waterproofed, and the trapped cables shown in the last shot.

The five foot length of mast hanging below the lower bracket isn’t very tidy either.

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