Wright's Aerials

Rogues Gallery

There are two rogues here, unless the person who fixed this aerial fixed next door’s as well, in which case he was a rogue twice. Maybe he’s a rogue five or six times a day, fifty weeks of the year. A fortnight on the Costa Plenty and then he’s back for another year’s inspired botchery.

As installed, this horrible thing must have tapped on the chimney stack every time there was a breath of wind. It’s so flexible and so close to the masonry — and I’ve no idea what quality of bracketry sits at the bottom of the mast, out of sight.

But then next door needed an aerial, and the lashing wire was just thrown over the first aerial’s mast, as you can see in the uppermost inset picture. This is presumably why it’s still in place. Note also that the bottom half of the reflector has been removed so that the aerial clears the masonry. The aerial is an Antiference XG14 Group A, by the way.

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