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This picture was taken from the Roman wall that surrounds one of our historic cities. The picture was not taken with a long lens; the buildings are close to the wall. Firstly, what the hell was the local council doing, granting planning permission for these hideous flats, which totally obstruct the view from the wall? Secondly, why has it been necessary to run external cables on a new development? There’s a black cable and a white cable, and also a large external wallbox. Is this evidence of a lack of forward planning by the council? Surely not — such a thing never happens.

And what do you think about the way the white cable gets from one loft to the next? White mini-trunking is not suitable for outdoor use, and it looks really terrible anyway. If this really had to be done, the cable should have been on a catenary wire at the level where it emerges from the lofts, and everything should have been in black or brown.

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