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Interference measurement and prediction

Large structures can seriously affect TV reception, sometimes over large areas.

Amelioration of the interference is often a condition of planning permission, and in these instances we can use our experience of RF propagation to provide a reasonably accurate prediction of the problems that will arise. This will give an indication of likely amelioration costs once the structure is built.

Sometimes the problem is addressed retrospectively, as a ‘good neighbour’ gesture. Unfortunately, experience has shown that many local residents will then jump on the bandwagon, and this can result in greatly inflated costs. We can provide a good assessment of the number of dwellings that are genuinely affected, and how badly.

  • A local council built a new college on the edge of town and were then besieged with complaints that it was affecting TV reception. We were able to show that 60% of the complainants were in areas in which it was impossible for the new building to affect their reception. Of these complainants 90% had grossly inadequate TV aerials. We were also able to identify a small area where the complaints were genuine.
  • A multinational company erected a huge structure in the English midlands, only to find that it was causing ‘ghosting’ in a wide area. We were able to propose a relatively simple solution.
  • Wind turbines are notorious for causing TV interference, and this fact is used by ‘NIMBY’ groups to oppose planning consent. We have completed a number of amelioration studies showing the areas where interference can be expected and the likely amelioration costs.

For an extract from a recent 70 page study please click on example of report 1.pdf. This extract has been altered slightly in the interests of client confidentiality.

Tests of off-air terrestrial and satellite reception

With top-end test equipment and the benefit of our wide experience we can answer your questions and propose solutions to your reception problems (that’s if there are any solutions — you can’t take RF propagation for granted!)

As an example, the broadcast monitoring facility at Emley Moor needed to receive off-air UHF TV signals from as many transmission sites as possible. We were able to propose solutions for reception from Belmont, Waltham, and Bilsdale. These solutions were later implemented — by us I’m pleased to say!

Detailed examinations of existing TV and radio distribution systems

This will include the condition and quality of the aerials, dishes, head-end, and distribution network. This is the logical first step if there are reception problems or if an upgrade is needed. A detailed report about the system can save you a lot of money in the long run, and we can also help you prepare a specification for the necessary work (see below). Our examination service can also be helpful if you have reason to believe that a new system is defective, and need detailed proof before proceeding against the installer. These reports generally include photographs. For an example of such a report see example of report 2.pdf. This example has been modified and the photographs omitted in the interests of client confidentiality.

The preparation of specifications for tendering purposes

If you are planning the installation or major upgrade of a large distribution system you will get far better value if you have a tight specification written by someone who knows the job inside out. We can write that specification. It will include materials, methods, and required test results.


Of course every job is different, but here’s rough idea:

  • For a one-man site visit taking up to half a day (typically an off-air reception survey) the charge is £225+VAT.
  • For a one-man one-day site visit (typically a close inspection of a medium-sized distribution system) the charge is £400+VAT. If you have complex requirements and need a detailed report — the sort of thing that might take a day or two to write — the extra cost would be £250 to £500+VAT. This would include follow-up phone conversations and emails as necessary. If a lot of travel were to be involved our charges would reflect the additional time and expense.
  • A detailed study of a large area for interference prediction, with calculations of amelioration costs, will cost between £3,000 and £7,500+VAT.
  • A smaller study (the effects of a new building on local TV reception for instance) will cost, typically, £1,000+VAT.
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